Experimental Alternative Hard Country Rock Blues newcomer Paul “Grits” Chutney will amaze you with his debut album release, “Greatest Grits” – produced and released by Zachary Spears.

“We’re so independent we don’t even have an official record label or official title or any of that. That’s how you do it in 2014. Indie is a thing of the past – now it’s just music in this temporary existence. T-E-M or Temporary Existence Music. I’ve coined that genre and term, by the way,” says non-record label owner and producer of “Greatest Grits” Zachary Spears.

When asked about the time in the studio with “Greatest Grits” Spears replied, “Paul has always been in contact with me, a really great friend of mine. He was always bouncing some wonderful ideas around and finally we sat down in the studio and I told him to just let it out, all out. Let out that freedom and liberty. He has thoughtfully encompassed his real life experiences into a dynamic provocation of the senses…and while I don’t agree with all his politics – as for one, I actually like visiting Spain – his “Greatest Grits” encompasses a true, contemporary political atmosphere of the United States, especially as we get ready for another election in two years. That’s gripping societal consciousness.”

Will there be a Paul “Grits” Chutney tour for “Greatest Grits”? “Well you’d have to ask the man himself but I think there could be some shows in the works. There’s a liberating factor about his music and honestly, we could all use a little liberation every once in a while.”

Paul “Grits” Chutney’s album “Greatest Grits” can be downloaded from for free!!!!!